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We are a regional distributor of industrial and water treatment chemicals.

New product

NOSE MASK PIT NEO: Stop pollen or dust allergy before it starts.

Nose Mask Pit Neo

Prevents contact of the nasal mucosa with pollen or dust. The healthiest advance in the treatment of pollen allergies yet, the innovative Japanese product stops 99.8% of pollen particles, dust or pollution.

With Nose Mask Pit Neo

Pollen allergy becomes tolerable precisely when it is most important, in spring and summer.

Industrial Chemicals

If you struggle with allergens that are present in your environment throughout the year or your workplace exposes you to polluting particles.

Innovative Solutions

Nose Mask pit can help you breathe healthier, simply and invisibly.

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About us

ECO LTM d.o.o. Banja Luka is the general representative of the Italian company Acquaflex from Italy, as well as the company Rennsli from the United States of America.

Industrial Chemicals

We are a regional distributor of industrial chemicals and fuel additives. We supply our customers with chemicals for the treatment of drinking, process and waste water.

Innovative Solutions

Eco Ltm together with Acquaflex develops innovative technical solutions for: Water purification, cardboard and paper production and hygiene for the food industry.

Customer Support

We directly support the customer and with this strategy we facilitate the optimization of costs and high performance of production processes by ensuring an excellent return on investment.

We take care of the natural environment and operators because our technologies are environmentally friendly and safe to handle.

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