By the end of 2016 we have jointly marketed first branded fuel POWER MOTION in cooperation with MONAKO patrol stations from Bijeljina. During a short period of time we have achieved our goal of selling the first branded fuel and very quickly we have become recognizable among the customers by a new and better fuel called POWER MOTION.

  • eliminates water
  • rises ignition point
  • reduces sulfur
  • cleans the whole system of combustion
  • increases engine power
  • reduces emissions

It effectively helps in cleansing the engine of the resulting deposits and resin and with the gradual combustion with fuel it leads to optimal and better performance.

The tests have shown a reduction of the induction period of approximately 40 % which results in a reduction of the resin in the storage conditions (fuel tank). By using the POWER MOTION the direct pressure between the petroleum and water drops is 3 times lower resulting in faster separation of water from the diesel fuel. At the same time previously mentioned feature affects the formation of a larger number of droplets during the fuel atomization process which increases the process of the fuel atomization by approximately 23 % which results in better combustion.

It boosts the engine power by 5%.          It reduces the emissions up to 62%.


Our additive is in powder form and can be used for diesel and gasoline. The dosage is distributed as follows:

About 500 gr. of the ECO FXO INDUSTRIAL additives is to be added on 30 000 l tanks (depending on the type and how dirty the fuel is) by simply adding the additive into the tank and within 15 to 20 minutes it blends and merges with the fuel. What should be noted is the advantage in the storage and transport of additives.