It has been classified as 100 % petroleum product because it is pure oil that does not contain any additional metals, graphite, wax or some other additives in the form of detergent.  STABIFLEX increases oil stability and improves the characteristics of adhesion and integration. Thus it allows better retention of gases, eliminates cold start and generally augments the quality of the base oil.

  • It maximizes fuel efficiency
  • Proper use of STABIFLEX reduces friction and engine deposits with a corresponding increase of compression and thermal efficiency. In this case the engines work with greater efficiency and use available energy from the fuel. Such improvements allow fuel economy to 4 %
  • It extends engine lifetime
  • STABIFLEX provides continuous lubrication of the upper and lower part of the engine. Reducing friction, especially in the first moments of the warming-up of the engine when it comes to the biggest deterioration of the engine, it extends the usability lifetime of the engine components. Reduction of friction and reversible gases together with enhanced protection of metal surfaces against motor acids may extend engine lifetime, which refund the initial stake back.
  • It extends the lifetime of the oil
  • Examples of engine oil analysis before and after frequent use of STABIFLEX usually prove reduction of metals in oily residues.
  • It maximizes fuel efficiency
  • The power received from the internal combustion engine is directly related to the ability of compression and combustion. STABIFLEX's ability to improve and equalize the cylinder compression, enabling more complete combustion leads to additional useful engine power (up to 10%).
  • It reduces maintenance costs
  • Its ability to keep an effective level of work for a longer period of time in many consumable components which were regularly replaced an extended deadline for the replacement of these components has been obtained.
  • It reduces the problems that may appear after long-term inactivity
  • The period of inactivity, constant obstacle to the effectiveness, is being reduced by the use of STABIFLEX. Premature failure of engine parts, usually caused by insufficient lubrication and increased pressure, has been reduced by adding STABIFLEX oil stabilizer. The stabilizer has high antioxidant effect. After long-term inactivity of engine a thin film that was formed prevents corrosion.
  • It reduces the emissions of harmful gases
  • In the area of the upper and lower engine it comes to the formation of deposits that reduce efficiency and cause incomplete combustion. STABIFLEX reduces the deposit and increases thermal efficiency by facilitating a cleaner combustion with less harmful emissions (up to 25%).
  • It reduces oil consumption
  • Better sealing characteristics, typical for the base oil with the addition of the STABIFLEX, entail less lost or combusted oil. Oil seals are proven to have better effect with STABIFLEX added to the system, especially when it comes to dynamic hydraulic systems.
  • It reduces vibrations and noise
  • By adding the STABIFLEX to oil the results are immediately visible. Vibration and noise are reduced because STABIFLEX enhances the lubricating properties of the oil in the system.