ECO PILL and ECO FXO are 100% concentrated organic substances without additives. They are specially synthesized in order to overcome problems associated with the high percentage of asphaltene in modern fuels. They do not change the molecular structure through chemical reactions but decompose agglomeration into smaller sheets of asphaltene.

FLEX-O products are patented products. They have been sold worldwide. All the laboratory tests showing how products work and confirming their effectiveness are based on scientific procedures that have been developed by organizations such as  SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers ) ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), QIRC and US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency ), SGS

By using our additives you ensure the maximum lifetime of the catalytic transformer. You are not only saving money but also helping the environment. You also help yourself by passing the Eco test.

  • They remove precipitate in the fuel tanks
  • It is not necessary to clean fuel tanks often and filters remain cleaner for a longer period
  • They dissolve quickly in the fuel and do not leave any particles that might clog the filters
  • Fuel is more enduring and has less of the deposited material, there is less precipitate at the bottom of the tank which significantly contributes to the maintenance
  • They keep the fuel injection system clean
  • They eliminate the throbbing of the engine, rattling and heating which can cause carbonization of precipitates
  • Products renew lost engine power to the optimum level of work
  • Water drops in the fuel are smaller, scattered and do not remain in the tanks
  • They reduce fuel consumption up to 10%
  • Asphaltenes are broken down on a lot of smaller pieces so that they can disperse within the fuel which enables complete combustion
  • They reduce the percentage of harmful substances in the exhaust emissions up to 62%.


The fuel travels from the tank through the fuel supply system. Then it enters into the cylinders through the carburetor or fuel injector. Then it burns and explodes in the cylinder. In order to optimize the fuel combustion there must be an optimal fuel/air ratio, fuel/air mixture must be homogeneous and the residues (precipitate) must not obstruct the fuel flow from the tank to the engine. CLEAN THEM.

A mixture of fuel and ECO PILL or the fuel and ECO FXO cleans carbon deposits and impurities of the fuel supply system. It does not cause corrosion and is accordingly safe for all types of engines. It also has dispersion ability as it disperses approx. 80% of asphaltenes in the fuel and approx. 72% of the diesel fuel. It reduces the amount of undissolved particles in the fuel for approximately 24%.

The effect of powder can not cause any damages in the engines. It effectively helps in cleaning the engine from deposits and resin layers so it reaches optimal performance in given conditions by having gradual combustion of fuel. Tests have shown the reduction of the time of induction of approx. 40% which results in a reduction of resin formation in storage conditions (fuel tanks). Use of ECO PILL and/or ECO FXO reduces impulse voltage between the fuel and water drops for approx. 3 times whereby faster separation of the water from the diesel fuel occurs. At the same time the specified characteristic affects the formation of a larger number of droplets in the process of atomization of fuel which increases the fuel atomization for approx. 23% causing better combustion. Testing the gases composition of the fuel and ECO PILL mixture or the fuel and ECO FXO shows the reduction of harmful substances in exhaust gases depending on the type of vehicle from 50% to 62%. Reduced fuel consumption has also been recorded, in commercial vehicles from 5,5% to 4,48% and from 12,5% to 8% for personal cars. Liquid fuel does not burn in the liquid form but in the gaseous state. In order to be combusted it has to be atomized first and that creates a mist of very small droplets. As these droplets move towards the front of the flame the temperature raises rapidly, which leads to the evaporation of droplets of light fraction. Solid asphaltenes which form heavy fraction agglomerate in compact structures because the volatile substances are burned. The mechanism that enables the combustion of solid phase is the oxygen diffusion through the pores of solid substances. The diffusion within the solid substance is usually a slow process with a limited speed of combustion. Taking into account that the time of combustion of solid substances is in proportion to the square of its appropriate diameter, solid asphaltene agglomeration contributes to the difficulty of combustion because the combustion time increases. Typical retention time of 0,1 second in the flame zone is not sufficient for combustion.

ECO PILL AND ECO FXO products reduce the content of harmful substances in emissions up to 62%, thus enabling PASSING THE ECO TEST


For high-quality purification of injectors, valves and the fuel injection system, during the next two fuel tank fillings add ECO PILL or ECO FXO. Repeat the procedure every 2000 to 3000 kilometers.